The participant can make a deposit into his account:


A) Instant Bank Transfer


B) Instant QR


C) CMT Wallet


D) Papara Wallet


E) Jeton Wallet


F) PayFix Wallet


G) CoinPayments


H) EcoPayz



If the customer has made a deposit into his/her gaming account via payment card or payment system, but hasn’t placed any bets with that amount, in case of claiming it back the participant will be charged the amount charged by the payment system for transferring that deposit to the Organizer’s account.   


The amount of money credited to the participant’s account can be used only for bets or can be required back by the participant according to the terms defined in the Regulations.

The participant can make a withdrawal in cash or through the payment system which was used for making a deposit into his/her account.


If the payment system is unable to transfer money back to the participant’s balance, the participant can receive the money from the betting shops indicated on the Organiser’s website.

Any transaction made between the participant and the Organiser via payment cards and/or payment systems is considered to be made by the participant.


The Organiser can define the minimum amount of the account balance, and the terms and conditions of its use will be indicated on the site.